Thursday, January 27, 2011

International Printing Museum

Studio 401 had its first official field trip, today.  The period 1 advanced class and TAs went to the International Printing Museum in Carson, CA.  We had a great tour led by Phil, Gary and Mark.  As it turns out, Gary is an Alumni of Grant H.S. and learned to print in our classroom!  On the tour we saw working print shop equipment that spanned from the 1450's to the 1980's.  Students learned to mind their p's and q's and avoided becoming out of sorts while learning print shop phrases and history.  After the tour everyone got to try their hand at making paper, casting their name in hot metal and even got to print on three different types of presses.  Here are a few pictures from our visit:

A large hand press used to print a page of the LA Times.

 This is a replica of Gutenberg's printing press (c. 1455).

 Jose and Alan search through the matrices to spell out their names.
 Haylee, with her name in matrices ready to make type.

Andrew's name in hot metal type.
Recycling paper with a blender to make a slurry called "stuff."

 A paper mold as it is pulled out of the vat.

 Augustin is pulling the mold out of the vat to make paper.
Ben couches the newly made paper onto a layer of felt.

 Mario inks the matrix on a proof press.

Students learn about bookbinding from Mark Barbour.

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